The "Game of Life" is a cellular automaton in which there are simple rules which govern whether one of the cells in a grid will be "live" (appear black) or "dead" (appear white) depending on the state of its neighbours in the previous cycle of the game. For a little more about PsiALife, see the page on my Psion SIBO version. For references, look here.
My Psion A-Life program has been ported from the rather basic SIBO version as an exercise rather than to generate a "polished" program. The short cut or hot keys have changed slightly; there is a "Help" file. I will only extend it if I get given a lot of motivation!
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"PsiALife" application for Psion 5/5MX/7 (SIS file)
Some "Life" files obtained from the web, zipped (the program will run without any files)
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